The Golden Age of TV
The Golden Age of TV ep
The Golden Age of TV

Leeds, UK’s The Golden Age of TV have just dropped a snappy, brightly coloured ep.  The music is skittery and pretty and it’s all held together by frontwoman Bea Fletcher.  And her vocal delivery, which is sweet and laid back, allows her to recite lyrics that tackle some pretty heavy shit.

This ep contains only four tracks, but they are all top-notch.  My favourite is the last one, ‘Caught in Doors,’ which finds Fletcher noticing she’s caught in lifestyle paralysis.  Thew song opens with Fletcher singing

Sometimes I wish I
Could grow down to my feet
And then shave it all
I think about the feeling
The drastic change
The freedom

And then she continues on about the need to be seen, the need to be looked at, the need to be cool. One of my students and I were just discussing this, actually, as he really wants some new Apple Air Pods.  Why? Because they’re cool, they look cool, and eveyone has them.  But does he really want to drop the money?  Stay tuned.

‘Caught in Doors’ also contains some pretty righteous guitar licks that take the song to its end, as Fletcher delivers her last lyrics over the churning chaos, somehow sounded both detached and present, and hearkening back to the 80s and the new romantic movement.

My favourite track is the second one, ‘Sway,’ which sees Fletcher wondering about gendered identities and sexuality.  Fletcher herself states that this track is ‘a playful look at when we ponder our sexuality, gender identity or gender expression.  For those who didn’t have the most open-minded upbringing, it’s nice to realise we don’t have to fit into one singular box – we can sway between a few.  And you’d think this would sound clunky, but instead it’s powerful, as Fletcher has a way with words.

Let’s not dress too obvious
Because I still want to fit in
But sexuality isn’t a costume
You try on at home
In front of the mirror

All throughout, The Golden Age of TV gives us this peppy, bouncy music, that despite the heavy lyrical content, I cannot help but to bounce my head along to, and having played it on repeat for six times in a row, I can also confirm that helps deal with the sense of impending doom of this Covid-19 shutdown.