“Ordinary: The parts of the Mass that do not vary from day to day.”


The mirror finished its speech: “You are known as the individual but the mirror’s advice is to forget such suffering. In the carnival of the masses, simply be the masses which, in living forever, is what you are and will be, anyway.” Madeline the image disappeared into the mirror-the-thing because she was the mirror, and the room, and the mother pulling her away, and the father following behind, and the walls. “While I do not know anything,” she began—but her father interrupted her to mimic the sounds of her voice.

—Jake Kennedy, Made Line Sing: An Extemporaneous Biography of Madeline Gins,  OPR Editions, Brooklyn, NY, 2016


“In the morning he watches as the sun rises in the eastern sky, its light spilling definition over the hills and the field in front of his home. Something is different…something is definitely not the same.”

—Mary Ellen Holland, “Deformations,” 2018