Last night I went to bed angry and hopeless. I woke up this morning with Biden narrowly on top and the likely next President of the United States. That gives me some hope for the future. But I am still angry.

Nearly 50 percent of Americans told Black and Brown, LGBTQ+, poor working class, immigrant, and non-Christian people that for their class, the conservative white business class, their wallets are more important than protecting the humanity and the lives of marginalized Americans.

This is not the time for healing. This not the time to be forgiving. This is not the time to allow the bigots and the greedy people to scurry back into the closets that protect their out-dated beliefs. This is the time to isolate the unrepentant and take our money and our labor to businesses that respect humanity. This is the time that we let our friends and our family know that their hatred, bigotry, and xenophobia have no place in a civilized society.