In the future humanity will be optional,
not available in all areas. Most of us
will be hooked up to machines,
with constant opportunities to offload.

There will still be people who are interested
in the arts, who drink wine and wear
interesting clothes, but they’ll live
in out of the way places that don’t

look the way we remembered them,
with different weather patterns.
The conversations will seem familiar,
but after we’ve been in one

we won’t remember a thing about it.


Imagine Pulling the Trigger

imagine pulling the trigger
bodies crumpling and bursting
in front of your weapon
pure instinct now

eighteen more shot
if a few seconds later
the bullets pierce your armor
the rush of death

the twisted synapses
the seamless transaction
the endlessly repeated tweets
conferring legitimacy

the bestowal of blame
the strict poetic form


Orpheus Again

I smoke marijuana to return
to the level of the stones
or if not their splendid
geological history

at least the surrounding
shrubs and grasses
dancing in place –
and that was the only secret

to his music –
the real Orphics
aren’t so quick to imagine
a way out of the world –

as the story has it
this is it

for Norman Finkelstein