Photo by D.J. Gaskin


Today I Pray         

Today I pray that the notion
of a parallel universe is not
speculation, that there may be
something solid to it, an actual place
somewhere within a multitude
of worlds, with an alternate Earth
of wiser beings who move
through their troposphere
with reverence.

Today I pray that
there is another me beyond
this mirror, beyond my sky,
that she is kinder, wide
awake, a better listener,
and that all of her fellow residents
of this opposing realm
are equally as benevolent.

Today I pray and imagine
this parallel planetary home
still thrives, is still beloved,
a place where the future’s
children, and theirs,
and those yet to be birthed,
are wholly cherished.

I pray for an alternative to where
we now find ourselves,
that there is another habitat without
unending floods, unquenchable fires,
and those blinded to actualities,
a home saved for all its treasured
inhabitants, those who speak
and those who cannot.

Today I pray
for such terrestrial proxy,
a dissimilar reality,
a more hopeful story,
one without end.

Today I pray
for any other way.
And I don’t even pray.



212 Degrees Fahrenheit              

Remember winter?
I’ve heard there once were seasons,
times of snow and ice, flowers
seen only in spring. Now,
every day simmers. We stay indoors
and long for trees.

Remember elephants?
giraffes? kangaroos?
I’ve heard there once were countless
animals and even bees. Today,
we hold close our cherished dogs,
an occasional cat.

Remember when we could
meet for coffee? when breathing
was free? when we could withstand
any ordinary August
or Indian Summer? Now,
we converse only in text,
visit through internets,

and somewhere, one desperate
Earthling is Googling,
“What is the boiling point
of a human body?”