Lady Bird
‘Got Lucky’
Purple Staines


Lady Bird released their début ep, Social Potions, on Slaves’ record label, Girl Fight, back in 2018.  As I listened to ‘Got Lucky,’ that made all the more sense.  Based in hardcore punk, but with a sneering sense of humour and a nod to the Beastie Boys (Mike D produced Slaves’ 2016 album Take Control), Lady Bird are in the same vein as Slaves, but come at this from a slightly different angle.  In essence, more Beastie Boys.  And it works. Frontman Don Bird (who also plays guitar and organ, along with Alex Deadman on guitar and Joe Walker on drums) is a hyper-frenetic nutter, at least in this video and on this track, spitting out his lyrics like a man on fire, even occasionally channeling his inner John Lydon.

Over a guttural track centred around the lower registers of Bird and Deadman’s guitars, Walker keeps a steady, if equally frenetic beat.

The video opens with us finding Bird passed out on a brick wall somewhere in Kent (also the home of Slaves), as he staggers off to meet a pretty girl at a café, interspersed with cuts of the band playing in low light and Bird’s head spitting out his lyrics, as he describes getting lucky and finding a friend.

This is some righteously good music, my friends.  Check it out.