Liverpool’s Liam Brown records under the moniker Pizzagirl; several EPs and a full-length into his brief career we have the video for his latest single, “cape canaveral”.

The track is solid, taking a soft 80s funk-ish guitar lick, layering it over a dance beat, and vamping it until by the end it’s big, full, and hopping.  Comparisons to Phoenix aren’t inappropriate, nor is the idea of Nile Rogers producing a song for Justin Timberlake.  The slow burn is good in a dance track, lure people onto the floor with a smooth lick and 3 minutes later get their hands in the air.

The video is fairly minimalist.  Brown walks onto an empty stage with earbuds in, starts up the music on his phone, tucks it into his pocket, and starts to dance.  Rings a lot like the first minute of Stop Making Sense, when David Byrne walks out alone with a boom box and starts playing to the recording instead of with the band.  From there it’s Napoleon Dynamite meets “Evolution of Dance”, with Brown just dancing his heart out.  As the song’s climax arrives, the camera spins and Brown is joined by six denim-clad dancers who match him move for move.  Finally, for the dénouement, it spins back to Brown shutting down his phone and walking off.

It’s a fun video for a fun song, shows how much you can do be appropriate to the song with a budget of about 30 quid. Personally, I find the post-video footage of the whole group dancing without the music to be just as  entertaining as the video itself, because it really gets just how good of a time they were having doing it.

“cape canaveral” is a good song with a video that is primed for going viral.  Watch your social media, Pizzagirl is coming.