Louisville’s duo on the rise, GRLwood (whose last music video, “Get Shot”, I covered here several weeks ago), has come out with a music video from an ambitious new project. The video for “I’m Yer Dad,” the band’s outrageous anthem about toxic masculinity and patriarchal family structures, was filmed as part of the upcoming indie-horror movie Roommate Wanted, which was one of the last films to be shot in LA before the COVID-19 epidemic. In fact, GRLwood is composing the film’s score. The song has been having a shining moment on video app TikTok. In fact, when I tried to show my 24 year old roommate what a cool video this was, she said “yes, my sister and I danced to this online.”  I’ll say, it’s a shockingly cool and political song for such a mainstream dance-craze app, I’m happy it’s making waves. 

“I’m Yer Dad” is the perfect pairing for a movie about college students battling for survival against a personification of the many faces of white male rage that manifest and threaten them in their home. Singer Rej Forester belts out with urgency, “In my man cave made for sports, / Whores in my porn, porn in my sports” (makes me think of the lyrics to Pixies’ “Hey”). The viscerally uncomfortable lyrics and raucous instrumentation create the atmosphere of a rager at the end of the world. It’s impressive that drummer Karen Ledford never loses that wide-brimmed black hat!

The colorful lights and zainy costumes of attendees at the film concert draw you in. Moshing Jesus and the disorderly cartoon characters (potential band name?) ride the line between creepy and fun, so subtly unsettling you can’t look away. The fairy lights and hand-made stage backdrop remind me of college punk shows my friends threw, so that seems realistic to the film’s premise. Whatever club GRLwood are at the helm of, I want to be a card-carrying member.