I am staring at my computer screen, trying to figure out what the hell I want to write about. Do I want to focus on Donald Trump’s blatant attempt to falsify election results so that he could make the case that he actually won Georgia and the other swing states on November 3? Do I want to write about the economic impact of the terrorist attack on the city of Nashville, and why I believe that more right-wing attacks are coming? Do I want to write about how the cynical assholes who cannot see the light at the end of the never-ending tunnel of chaos that has been 2020, need to calm their tits?

The truth is if you scanned my social media feeds, you would know that I am passionate about and horrified by all of those things. That I could easily write an academic paper on all of those things. As the Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate screamed about the unconstitutionality of a Democrat presiding over the session, and my senator, Rand Paul, continues to give credence to election fraud-related conspiracy theories, and as I continue to talk to service industry employees who are set to lose their homes, I get angry and fear that we are witnessing our country’s death throes.

But to be totally honest at the moment, I just do not care. I genuinely do not give a shit about anything right now. This whole situation is stupid. We could easily solve the Covid-19 crisis by wearing masks and getting vaccinated. We could solve the economic problems by actually bailing out the American worker. The business community, at the corporate level, could easily survive the loss of a few million dollars and still be viable when things get back to normal.

Politically, we could easily come to an agreement on policies that would work for both progressives and conservatives if both sides would stop with this goddamn pissing contest of ideological purity.

Listen, if you’re still reading at this point check your phone, check your Facebook, check your Twitter mentions and DM’s. Focus on your friends and family, on your romantic partners, on your job and, if you do not have a job, focus on trying to find one. Help your less-fortunate friends pay their bills, drive them to and from interviews, help them interview clothes.  Do something for people, not parties or ideologies.

We are what’s going to make this country great for once. We are the ones who will assure that this nation comes out of this chaos better than it went into it.

If we focus on our communities and helping out those with whom we come into contact on a daily basis, that positivity will reverberate back out into society – not in a hippie-crystal way, but in a practical way. Once we assure that our communities and our homes are on solid ground, it allows us to we can do the work to help the less-fortunate.

… And we have to, because our political leaders aren’t coming to save us. Screw them. Let’s be our own heroes.