Haikus by Dimitar Anakiev, a doctor working for asylum seekers and other displaced people, with images by Nataša Berk. 

Only 13 years old
she gave birth, now pregnant
with anemia
I lost 16 kilos
in two months, now I take
Escaping from war,
escaping from poverty
into an asylum center
Rejected asylum-seeker
broken, like the broken nose
of his wife
It’s called ‘jungle’
but only I, my brothers
and sisters live there
Instead of dreams
my family comes to my mind
every night
The smile on her face
reappears: talking about
shurba from Herat
A tattoo from Kabul
speaks seven languages
to survive
Pakistan’s tribal wars
I lost both of my legs
and my arms
In the waves of the sea
I lost my family to become
welder again
Traveling three months
by land, sea and air we come
into your country
Legs injured
by Taliban, soul wounded
by bureaucracy
I seek medicine
boredom is killing me
and my family
“The same for citizens…”
but they need more support,
more rights to live
Arab vs. Afghan
in an asylum center
Sweat body
in convulsions: without heroin
Afghan youth
Help me, doctor!
In Cameroon they beat
Scar on the leg,
wounds in the heart,
I am from Morocco
with an illness on the heart
but no medicine
I changed religion,
then I changed my homeland,
my Iran
Xenophobic mosquitoes
biting all asylum-seekers: black and white,
men and women
All images by Nataša Berk. Berk is a versatile, ironically provocative avant-gardist of existentialism with an abstract instinct. After finishing high school for Design and Photography she enrolled at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der Bildenden künste, Wien), in the new media program (video and computer art), where she attained her Master’s degree.